The Thousand Islands Piano Festival will take place in The Philippines on June 15 – 23 2019. The Festival will offer daily concert performances, educational opportunities, cultural experiences, and exciting recreational activities. The Thousand Islands Piano Festival is an annual event that endeavors to bridge the gap between the music professionals, the halls of academia, and the community.


The Thousand Islands International Piano Competition – June 22-23, 2019 – is designed to select the best and most talented pianists who will demonstrate excellence in piano technique, interpretation, stage presence, and artistry. Outstanding world class judges, pianists and educators will be invited to adjudicate the performances.

The Aspiring Artist Program is designed for young talented pianists to experience the art of performing in a professional environment. They also have great opportunities for solo recitals and participation in master classes and private lessons with outstanding world class artists and educators.

DR. SERGEY KUZNETSOV, Artistic Director IMG_0015

Dear friends, students, parents and teachers! As an Artistic Director I am very delighted to announce the opening of the Thousand Islands Piano Festival and Competition. It is such a great honor to collaborate with the most outstanding faculty and world-class colleagues and create an amazing opportunity for young students, professional teachers and supporting parents to come and join us in celebration of piano music in the Philippines this summer.

The festival will offer numerous concerts, performances, masterclasses, private lessons, lectures and, of course, a lot of smiles and happiness! Our great mission is to motivate young generation of pianists and enrich their experiences with piano music, our ultimate goal is to see young people succeed and achieve their most daring dreams! We would love to see teachers expand their knowledge through interaction, learning and sharing. We want all of you to become stars of classical music!

As a pianist and educator I have traveled around the world and observed multiple different styles of teaching and performing piano repertoire. However, I must say we are all, pianists of all ages, backgrounds, levels of preparation, united by passion for music and beauty. Whether we listen to Chopin’s Nocturne or Prokofiev’s Sonata we always find something that attracts us to this music so we can be an integral part of it. We feel like something magical is happening in the moment of touching the keys, this magic takes us to another world and dimension. It is always a joy to see young pianists grow, learn and develop their skills. One moment you see a 9 year old child play a little Prelude by Chopin, few years later you enjoy same student’s performance in the Carnegie Hall with New York Philharmonic. To me this is magic! Making magical moments like that is our lifelong commitment, that gives such a valuable meaning to our profession.

Please join us this summer in celebration of music and let’s make the summer of 2019 truly amazing!